Regional strategy for implementing the code of practice for forest harvesting in Asia-Pacific

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This document provides suggestions for an overall strategic framework to achieve implementation of the Code of Practice for Forest Harvesting in Asia-Pacific. Once implemented the Code will optimise the benefits offered by the region's natural production forests and contribute to their sustainable management for the continuing benefit of the community as a whole. The goals and objectives of this Regional Strategy are expressed as eight strategies for implementation. (1) Encourage appropriate public and political support for implementation of the Code. (2) Develop awareness and support for the Code at the regional and national policy- making levels by stakeholders. (3) Development of a forest sector that is educated and trained in Code implementation. (4) Encourage the development and implementation of national codes based on the Asia-Pacific Code. (5) Establishment of demonstration and training forests. (6) Implementation of monitoring and auditing systems. (7) Collation of past and present research results allowing development of appropriate research activities and directions in support of sustainable forest management. (8) Further development and implementation of sustainable forest management practices in Asia-Pacific. A time frame for implementation of the Regional Implementation Strategy has also been detailed. This includes target groups who may be able to take responsibility for components of the implementation program over the projected 10-year time horizon.

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