Sloping lands in transition: Participatory research on landscape management for forest ecosystem service provision and adaptation to change in Bhutan [SLANT-Bhutan]

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Key messages

  1. Countries in mountain regions are reorienting forest policies toward a multipronged strategy involving conservation, restoration and production.
  2. CIFOR's Sloping Land in Transition (SLANT) research program is expanding to Bhutan with an aim of finding causal pathways between up-slope forest management and down-slope security.
  3. Forests figure strongly in Bhutan's philosophical and operational framework of Gross National Happiness (GNH).
  4. Expected project outcomes are the following:
    • development of stakeholder capacity in participatory research and decision-making processes
    • increased awareness by district and national sectorial management units and policy makers about the role of upland smallholder communities in management of forest landscapes
    • support to a cadre of forestry professionals through their integration into the project team.


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