A Systematic Approach to Strengthening Capacities on Climate Change and Natural Resource Management in West Africa

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Climate change is already impacting the natural resource-dependent communities and economies of West Africa. Agriculture, forest, livestock, water and other natural resources are affected by frequent occurrence of droughts, floods, dust and sand storms, heatwaves, forest fires, etc. Improved capacities - through technical assistance and organizational support - are therefore critical for effectively addressing climate change, managing natural resources, alleviating poverty, and promoting climate-resilient economic and social development. Moreover, there is a need to develop new skills and provide much more complex, integrated and comprehensive knowledge that is required for different stakeholders in West Africa to respond more effectively to climate change challenges and support communities to promote biocarbon development options (refers to increasing biological or natural carbon through improved agroforestry and forestry management and tree planting). The urgency to build capacities is further supported at the international level, under the Paris Climate Agreement, where increasing attention is given to the development of capacities of developing countries.

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