Lessons learned for improving policies affecting forest conservation and climate change adaptation in Uganda's water tower communities

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Key points

  • Biodiversity conservation and livelihood policies are poorly integrated, undermining the implementation of both.
  • National strategies for CC adaptation and mitigation follow traditional ministerial silos, risking the replication of problems associated with isolated portfolio approaches.
  • Successful ecosystem-based adaptation on Mount Elgon requires greater cooperation between ministries, decentralized (local) governments, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and local communities to:
    • Integrate conservation (CC mitigation) and development (CC adaptation) objectives and activities.
    • Build coherence in spatial planning to achieve biodiversity conservation, watershed protection, disaster mitigation and agricultural intensification across landscapes.
  • Decentralized governments have the potential to serve as coordinating bodies for jurisdictional EbA strategies and lead development of subnational CC initiatives.


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