Determinants Level of Income of Gums and Resins in the Dry Forest Areas and the Contribution to Different Socio Economic in Northwestern and Southern Ethiopia

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Dry forests are dominant vegetation types in Ethiopia and are home to important gums and resins producing species. However, the factors affecting level of income and contributions of this resource to different socio economics are not systematically documented. Data was collected using key informant interviews, focus group discussions and formal survey. Data for the explanatory variables were collected from 300 randomly selected households. The findings indicate that the three study sites varied in terms access of households to gums and resins forests. The regression analysis factors affecting level of income revealed that distance to resource (-), TLU (-) for Yabello while land holding (+) in Asgedetsimbla, but there was no significant variable for the Quara site. Income from gums and resins collection was more important for the poor households. Planning dry forest product to household income should include different variables that affect the production of gums and resins.

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