Perceptions of local people toward pulpwood plantations: Insights from Q-method in Indonesia

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Industrial timber plantations are controversial in many parts of the world including in Indonesia. Knowledge of their perceived impacts is important for better management and integration into the rural landscape. To advance knowledge on this topic, we applied the Q-method to a case study in East Kalimantan province, Indonesia, where a large-scale acacia plantation is established. Three groups emerge from the analysis with contrasting viewpoints: a first group exhibits enthusiasm over the development of the plantation, including recognition of environmental services provided; the two other groups express dissatisfaction, either generally on all aspects or with a focus on the plantation as obstacle to local development. Research has shown that the Q-method needs to be completed by other tools such as household surveys in order to make for its limitations, e.g. assessing representativeness of each group and determinants of inclusion in one given group.

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