Communicating climate change through radio programs in the Congo Basin: A guide to the preparation, monitoring and evaluation of science-policy dialogue radio programs

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Updated information on climate change are lacking in the Congo basin. Moreover, available data are worded in a coded language that impairs their use in decision-making and thus contributes to increase the gap between the information available at the global level and those circulating in the region. This work aimed at assessing the mechanisms of dissemination of scientific information in Central Africa in order to adopt the information channels and languages adapted to various stakeholders, according to their abilities and needs. It is in this context that radio platforms bringing together scientists, policy makers and the public have emerged in 2013 and 2014 in Cameroon and Congo.

This document presents the steps that have borrowed the 24 radio programs on forests and climate change in the Congo basin, including the design, the production, the dissemination and the evaluation. These steps have been carefully documented to ease the duplication of the experience. A systematization of this approach paves the way for closer collaboration and a better sharing of information between scientists, policy makers and the public.


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