TNC's initiative within the Berau Forest Carbon Program, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

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In early 2008, TNC in partnership with the Government of Berau began discussions on a low-emission program in the district, and the Berau REDD+ Task Force was established. In June 2009, the Berau Forest Carbon Program (BFCP) or Program Karbon Hutan Berau (PKHB) was officially declared as a district-level REDD+ program. The program serves as a model of low-emission development based on sustainable natural resource (including forest) management and as an example of the jurisdictional REDD+ approach in Indonesia. In January 2010, the Government of Indonesia recognized Berau as one of the official REDD+ demonstration activities in Indonesia, along with KFCP (Chapter 17). In its implementation, BFCP engages with various partner institutions, including TNC, which is the focus of this chapter.

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