Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve Project, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

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Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve Initiative (Rimba Raya) is a for-profit forest carbon initiative in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. It is managed by InfiniteEARTH Limited, a private company based in Hong Kong. Through its registered business entity in Indonesia (PT. Rimba Raya Conservation or PT. RRC), it applied for an ERC license over a carbon accounting area (CAA) intended to protect an entire peat dome against planned conversion to oil palm plantations. MoFor granted the license over a part of the CAA, requiring the development of alternative management agreements between PT. RRC and actors such as oil palm companies and the district government. Together, the ERC license and agreements established the rights of use over the CAA, which is necessary for generating the more than 10 million carbon credits verified by VCS so far. However, there have been controversies about whether these alternative agreements are aligned with Indonesian regulations.

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