Jari/Amapá REDD+ Project, Brazil

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The Jari/Amapá REDD+ Initiative, which is led by the private investment company Biofílica and a corporate group called Grupo Jari, aims to protect an area of FSC-certified forest in the Jari Valley, which straddles the states of Pará and Amapá in the Brazilian Amazon. This area was acquired by the Grupo Jari in 2000 from the former Jari enterprise. The main goals of the initiative are to reduce deforestation and forest degradation in the forest management area. Proponents also plan to promote social co-benefits by providing technical assistance for sustainable production to some of the smallholders living inside and around the intervention area. These activities are coordinated by both Biofílica and Fundação Jari, and executed by Fundação Jari, which is the social branch of Grupo Jari. Fundação Jari has worked for 14 years with communities on company lands in the state of Pará and recently began working with smallholders in five communities in Amapá as part of the REDD+ initiative. A key challenge for the initiative is the historical lack of land tenure clarity in the area, which is reflected in smallholders' insecurity regarding both their land holdings and the initiative. In this chapter, we describe the goals and strategies of the initiative, characterize the smallholders in the intervention area, and discuss key challenges and concerns.

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