Bolsa Floresta, Brazil

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The Bolsa Floresta program encompasses a set of integrated interventions aimed at conserving forests and improving the welfare of residents in selected sustainable development reserves (SDRs) of the state of Amazonas in the Brazilian Amazon. Only 1 of the 15 conservation units where Bolsa Floresta is working is a certified REDD+ initiative (Juma), while the other 14 are in the REDD+ readiness phase.
The program was started in 2007 and contains a financial compensation program, where a small economic incentive of BRL 50 per month (USD 30) is paid to households for their commitment to zero net deforestation. Moreover, the program includes a set of integrated conservation and development components implemented at the community or association level and aimed at improving livelihood opportunities and thereby preparing communities to meet oncoming deforestation pressures.

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