Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES): A practical guide to assessing the feasibility of PES projects

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One of the aims of the CoLUPSIA project is to explore options for establishing payments for ecosystem services (PES) within the two districts where the project is working: Seram and Kapuas Hulu. These guidelines were prepared to support the CoLUPSIA team in completing this assessment and have since been revised to incorporate some findings from the field assessments.
For most new PES schemes, the ecosystem service to be paid for has already been identified. Best practice guides, such as that developed by the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), provide extensive guidance on how to design and implement a PES scheme. However, for the CoLUPSIA project, the purpose of the feasibility assessments was to determine the potential for a PES project and the actions necessary to establish the project. This guide was developed to support that process.

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