Forest use and timber markets in the Ecuadorian Amazon

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Several studies have analyzed the situation of the forestry sector in Ecuador, with different focus. For instance, Owen and Thiel (2006) assess the influence of policies on the economic dynamics of the forestry sector. Ibarra et al. (2008) explore the implications of forestry legislation in small-scale forest management by smallholders. Añazco et al. (2010) adopt a more comprehensive perspective to consider the current problems faced by the forestry sector and indicate the challenges to advance towards sustainable forest management. Unlike these, the analysis here is centered in the dynamics of timber harvesting in the Amazon undertaken by smallholders, colonists and indigenous people, and their relations with the domestic timber market. The most relevant studies on related issues were focused on describing the internal uses and trade flows of timber (Wunder, 1996), as well as the timber value chains with a national perspective (Ministerio del Ambiente del Ecuador, 2011).

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