Fruit trees and useful plants in Amazonian life

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Fruit trees and useful plants in Amazonian life, a collaboration between CIFOR and FAO, serves two main purposes: it provides rich information on Amazon fruits and Amazon communities, illustrating how local peoples have adopted and adapted to the plant kingdom around them to distil vital nutrients, medicines and other products fundamental to their survival; it also shows how scientific information can be presented in an innovative and more inclusive way, one that can be adapted accordingly by other actors worldwide. The publication is a testament to the enormous potential that integrating traditional and scientific knowledge can have for both local communities and academic and development professionals alike. It also serves as a reminder to the scientific community that science should be shared with local people and not confined to journals and closed circles of technical experts. From Brazil nuts and Cat's claw to Copaiba and Titica, this publication shares a wealth of information on a wide range of plant species that only close collaboration between local peoples and researchers could possibly breed.

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