An evaluation of POLEX (CIFOR’s Forest Policy Experts Listserv): targeting key forest agenda-setters

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A relatively small number of policymakers and opinion leaders in government department, donor agencies, development banks and NGOs make many of the most important and far-reaching decisions about forests and forest policy; these individuals have a great deal of influence over other decision makers and significantly affect the allocation of resources to forest initiatives. POLEX, the Forest Policy Experts listserv, specifically targets this audience. As part of a global readership survey and impact assessment of the POLEX listserv, 5,689 surveys were sent by email to a stratified random sample. The survey returns shows that patterns of organizational affiliation vary across POLEX language lists. The study shows that POLEX has been hugely successful. It reaches a large audience that includes a very high proportion of the world's most influential shapers of policy and decisions affecting forests.

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