Monitoring permanent sample plots (PSPs) after conventional and reduced-impact logging in the Bulungan research forest, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

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Twenty four permanents sample plots (PSPs), of one ha each have been randomly set up to be a long term monitoring in the hill mixed dipterocarps forest in the Bulungan Research Forest, East Kalimantan. All trees (DBH=20cm) were measured and indentified. In this study area, reduced-impact logging (RIL) trial has been carried out in the compartment of operational scale (over 100 ha). The objective of the study was to observe how far RIL can reduce logging damage compared with conventional logging which was done by state-owned company, PT Inhutani II and in line with those activity also to do monitoring PSPs. The results confirmed with other published research that RIL significantly reduced damage to residual stand. However, under high felling intensity (>8 trees/ha) the proportion of injured and dead trees in RIL were similar to those recorded in the conventional logging. Growth measurement in those PSPs after two years were also reported. Canopy openness and skid trail length after logging were measured.

    Mohamad Ismail, Shaharudin bin, Thai, S. K., Yap, Y.H., Deris, Othman bin, Korsgaard, S.. 2002. Proceedings of the Malaysia-ITTO International Workshop on Growth and Yield of Managed Tropical Forests, 25th –29th June, 2002, Kuala Lumpur. 226-235

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    Priyadi, H.; Kartawinata, K; Sheil, D.; Sist, P.




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