Field test of CIFOR’s ecological criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management: Bulungan Research Forest East Kalimantan, Indonesia 1-12 September 1999

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CIFOR's existing set of criteria and indicators (C&I) was evaluated during a workshop in the Bulungan research forest, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. It has been recognized that CIFOR's biodiversity C&I were too academic and were impractical for field application. This report presents: a) review and assessment of the suitability of CIFOR's generic biodiversity Critetia & Indicators (C&I), b) evalutation whether CIFOR's generic biodiversity C&I adequately assessed the quality of management performance, c) suggestions developed to adapt the biodiversity components of the CIFOR C&I generic template to local conditions, d) evaluation and to suggestion to improve to the wording in current biodiversity C&I manuals, and e) relevant recommendations pertaining to the implementation of the C&I, and the agenda for future research on these.

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    Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)

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    Poulsen, J.; ed.


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