Africa's tropical dry forests - time to re-engage: an agenda for priority research

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This document reviews the state of research in African dry forests and sets up the framework for a dry forest programme of research in the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR). The documents consists of three sections, which represent increasing levels of focus in a proposed dry forest research programme. Section 1 (Issues and questions) largerly consists of the review of the main issues in dry forests, and suggest various lines of research. It presents issues in the context of three regions: Francophone West Africa; Anglophone Africa north of the equator; and Southern Africa; Section 2 (A framework for a dry forests' programe) provides the justification, framework and over-arching objectives for CIFOR's research and development agenda on dry forests, and was prepared after further internal discussion amongst CIFOR staff; Section 3 (Summary propoal for SIDA for a dry forest programme) is the proposed research agenda, given the immediate funds that are available.

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