CGIAR COVID -19 HUB Work Area 2

Project leader Pham Thu Thuy
Location Vietnam
Project status ON-GOING
Project start 2021-03-15
Project end 2021-12-20

This research aims to identify important political/socio/economic/health issues and value chain related to wildlife trade/farming in Southern part of Vietnam and key actors engaged in wildlife trade and wildlife farming in the region. The research aims to explore stakeholders’ perceptions on the effectiveness of current policies and projects and their institutional setting (e.g. rule of games, distribution of powers and benefits,  capacity of government officers) in addressing wildlife trade and wildlife farming in general and in response to COVID in particular. The research findings are expected to inform policy makers in Vietnam on future refinements of existing wildlife trade policy to achieve their better outcomes and to inform CGIAR centers in Vietnam on future work related to COVID. The project approach includes joint-research conducted between CIFOR and local partners such as Nong Lam University, capacity building for local universities and knowledge sharing events to disseminate findings to wider stakeholders.


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