Assessment of sustainable harvesting levels for three rattan species in Sulawesi, Indonesia

Project leader Michael Allen Brady
Location Indonesia
Project status ON-GOING
Project start 2021-03-01
Project end 2022-02-28

The client sources rattan from several places in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. In Sulawesi, rattan is generally found in state natural forests. Households can obtain collection permits to harvest from the forests. The Ministry of Environment and Forestry Regulation stipulates that the collection of rattan is allowed to an annual maximum of 20 tonnes per household under the non-timber forest collection permit. The client wants to understand the silvicultural basis for the maximum allowable collection and if this is linked to a sustainable harvest rate. CIFOR is implementing this study to gain understanding on this.

In this project CIFOR asseses the sustainable supply of three rattan species in Central and Southeast Sulawesi. As part of this CIFOR aims to:

. Develop a framework to define sustainable harvesting, including policies and regulations

. Develop a reference table of sustainable harvesting criteria and indicators for selected rattan species in Central and Southeast Sulawesi

. Produce a field manual of use by smallholder farmers and community groups involved in rattan harvesting and management.


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