Potentiale für "Result-Based Payment” - Instrumente im Waldsektor unter dem Übereinkommen von Paris

Project leader Christopher Martius
Email c.martius@cgiar.org
Location Indonesia, Guyana, Peru, Congo (democratic Republic), CÔte D'ivoire
Project status ON-GOING
Project start 2020-04-01
Project end 2021-07-31

The aim of the project is to investigate how and under which circumstances different forms of financing in the context of different countries and regions and measures are suitable for transfer-based approaches. The analysis is intended to provide a more differentiated picture of the highly political debate on REDD+ and transfer-based approaches. To this end, it is crucial to take into account the context of as many different countries as possible and to examine which requirements for effective climate financing for REDD+ arise from these different backgrounds. Furthermore, it must be taken into account which requirements arise from Article 6 and the current practice of market-based approaches for financing REDD+. In other sectors, too, specific measures have repeatedly been classified as unsuitable for market mechanisms - for example, because the uncertainties in estimating emission reductions are so high that it is unclear whether emissions will be reduced at all. In this respect, a differentiated view is required as to the type of REDD+ measures for which the requirements of Article 6 can and cannot be met. The research project aims to contribute to such a differentiated view by investigating the different framework conditions in different countries as well as the background and requirements for different forms of climate financing. Based on the results of the analysis, concrete recommendations for the use of different forms of REDD+ financing will be derived.


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