Sustainable Community-based Reforestation and Enterprises (SCORE): Achieving climate and livelihood goals through locally appropriate forest landscape restoration (continuation of 'Socio-economic and environmental benefits of bioenergy production in degraded land in Indonesia' project)

Project leader Himlal Baral
Location Indonesia
Project status ON-GOING
Project start 2021-01-01
Project end 2030-12-31

Healthy forests and landscapes are essential for people and the planet, not only because of their contribution to myriad ecosystem goods and products essential to local welfare, but also due to their multiple ecosystem services. Forest and landscape restoration (FLR) initiatives, if designed and implemented appropriately, will not only produce wood, biomass for energy, biomaterials, agri-food/fish, essential oils for economic and social benefits but also sequester carbon, support biodiversity, and provide soil and water regulation benefits.

FLR is a costly undertaking. One key obstacle to achieving such a huge target is the lack of financial resources to support FLR activities. For this reason, the Sustainable Community-based Reforestation and Enterprises (SCORE) project aims to identify, and scale up locally appropriate restoration models based on various types of degraded land in Indonesia. In addition, the need for greater economic and financial resiliency is a priority emerging from the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the associated global economic downturn, in which supply chains are being disrupted, affecting employment and the provision of public and private goods and services.


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