CGIAR Covid19 Hub WG4, Address food systems’ fragility and build back better, Grant #1

Project leader Vincent Gitz
Project status ON-GOING
Project start 2020-11-19
Project end 2021-12-31

In July 2020, CGIAR launched a set of activities grouped together under the CGIAR COVID-19 Hub. CIFOR acts as the Coordinating Center for Work Area 4 "Address food systems' fragility and build back better" of the Hub. Activities continue until December 2021 and consist of:

1. Coordination and leadership of the work of Working Group 4, and providing guidance, quality assurance and monitoring of research outputs generated by the working group. Specifically, the Working Group focuses on mapping key fragility points to COVID-19 and underlying food system vulnerabilities.
2. Development of a research work plan for 2020–2021 on food system fragility based on the key research questions identified by Working Group 4, with key deliverables and milestones.
3. Dissemination of ongoing research findings generated under Work Area 4 to the Hub management team.


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