Women’s solutions for conservation and sustainable development in the Amazon

Project leader Peter Cronkleton
Email p.cronkleton@cgiar.org
Location Brazil, Colombia, Peru
Project status ON-GOING
Project start 2020-09-07
Project end 2021-12-31

The Amazon Sustainable Landscapes (ASL) Program commissioned research to CIFOR to design a strategy to improve gender-sensitive conservation and sustainable development interventions in the Amazon. This project supports the ASL's initiative by providing an analysis of existing gender gaps in the region. It focuses on successful cases identified in the ASL areas of intervention (in Brazil, Colombia and Peru), where women (indigenous, afro-descendants, protected area residents, campesinas, fisherwomen and/or peri-urban dwellers) have improved gender balance in terms of increased participation and decision making, greater access and control over natural resources, or increased access to socioeconomic benefits from natural resource use. The project highlights key obstacles and barriers (inter alia legal, institutional, cultural) that women from the case studies face, explains the gender gaps, and identifies strategies to overcome them.


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