Restoration to meet sustainable landscapes objectives

Project leader Manuel Guariguata
Location Ethiopia, Peru, Brazil
Project status ON-GOING
Project start 2020-10-01
Project end 2021-09-30

Funding from USAID's Office of Global Climate Change has supported CIFOR’s Forest and Landscape Restoration (FLR) work. Here, we draw on these outputs, in the context of the CIFOR–ICRAF merger to propose joint activities on forest and agricultural restoration to invigorate our newly launched Transformative Partnership Platform (TPP) on restoration. The TPP aims to combine the science, policy and practice of land restoration in a common space to ensure restoration practice is informed by evidence and supported by conducive policies. It allows CIFOR–ICRAF to work with key partners (multilateral agencies, development institutions, government institutions and farmer groups) by generating evidence for implementation of activities for effective and equitable outcomes in climate mitigation and adaptation, biodiversity conservation and livelihoods. We aim to fill key research-in-development evidence gaps for advancing the FLR agenda and also helping USAID to better target initiatives that will bear successful implementation and scaling outcomes.
CIFOR and ICRAF are uniquely positioned to influence the current restoration agenda through a multi-country, interdisciplinary team. Wide-ranging research from biophysical to socioeconomic aspects across landscapes from the farmers’ fields to the center of the forest supports policy and practice on local–national–global dimensions. The TPP amalgamates these efforts, engaging with landscapes across the tropics where CIFOR–ICRAF works with several partners. CIFOR–ICRAF have already invested USD 100,000 from their internal fund to launch the TPP. USAID investment plays a catalytic role in meeting some of the restoration TPP's objectives.


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