Mission d’étude sur les définitions et les outils de suivi de la déforestation importée

Project leaderRichard Eba'a Atyi
Project statusON-GOING
Project start2019-12-01
Project end2020-06-30

The project is conducted in the framework of the New York Declaration of 2014 and the Amsterdam Declaration of 2015. The two declarations intend to contribute to the fight against deforestation by enforcing restrictions on the international trade of major commodities that contribute to deforestation. The main commodities in sight are: oil palm, rubber, timber, cocoa, soya and beef. There is a special emphasis on commodities produced by tropical country, say the global south.

The project aims to allow the Scientific and Technical Committee on Forest (CSTF) set by the government of France, to propose to all French and European actors, as well as in the producing countries of the South, politically, technically and financially acceptable definitions, guaranteeing the credibility of the French National Strategy against Imported Deforestation (SNDI) with regard to existing knowledge.

The work consists mainly of literature review, consultation of key stakeholders both in the global north and the global south and workshops. The implementing partners are IDDRI and CIRAD.

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