2020 IFPRI/PIM flagship 5 on Governance of Natural Resources

Project leaderAnne Larson
Location Madagascar, Peru, Guatemala
Project statusON-GOING
Project start2020-01-01
Project end2022-12-31

This project contributes to the governance of forest resources by supporting collective land tenure and land tenure security, as well as landscape governance institutions. The project specifically contributes to PIM flagship 5 on Governance of Natural Resources. FP5 2022 outcomes are: (1) evidence informs natural resource governance and tenure policy processes and implementation; (2) improved tenure security; and (3) improved landscape governance. All activities are country-specific except for the critical research component, which is global. Two of the country-specific activities (testing methods and gender), however, have methods and tools as products that are intended for global use.

The objectives, approaches and partnerships vary by activity. Activities under this project are:

  1. Emerging Challenges and Agricultural Investment Options for Improved Income, Food Security and Environment
  2. Flagship 5 Management (IFPRI-EPTD, CIFOR)
  3. Natural Resource Governance in the Maya Biosphere Reserve in Petén, Guatemala: Options for Integrated Tenure Solutions Across the Multiple Use, Buffer and Core Zones
  4. Building Knowledge on Customary Tenure for Policy Reform in Madagascar
  5. Testing Methods to Build an Enabling Environment for Community Forestry
  6. Advancing Critical Research in Tenure and Resource Governance
  7. Designing and Implementing Gender-responsive Adaptive Learning Processes to Support More Equitable and Meaningful Participation of Marginalized Groups in Multi-stakeholder Forums (MSFs)
  8. Indigenous Community Representation in Territorial Governance: a Comparative Analysis of Two Case Studies in the Peruvian Amazon


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