Appui à la conservation de la forêt communautaire de la COPAL

Project leader Richard Eba'a Atyi
Location Cameroon
Project status ON-GOING
Project start 2020-01-15
Project end 2023-01-14

The Nachtigal Hydro Power Company aims to partially compensate for the impoundment of forest areas by implementing conservation measures in and around the community forest of COPAL. This approach combines actions that will sustainably manage of natural resources and improve living conditions for local communities. The objective of the project is to stop logging in and on the outskirts of the COPAL community forest. This will be achieved by converting this area into conservation space. Further, development that supports local communities will be introduced. This includes improving cocoa farming yields and supporting the legal artisanal exploitation of wood in connection with reforestation in customary areas. The COPAL Project is implemented in partnership with CIRAD and the Ministry of Forests and Wildlife in Cameroon.

The project will include the three pillars of research, capacity development at community level and outreach.

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