Mitigation and Adaptation Through Sustainable Livelihood in Indonesia's Peat and Mangrove Ecosystem

Project leader Daniel Murdiyarso
Location Indonesia
Project status ON-GOING
Project start 2019-08-01
Project end 2022-12-31

In this project, CIFOR is facilitating the establishment of the Peatland and Mangrove Ecosystem Advisory Committee (PME-AC). This will be led by Ministry of National Development Planning of the Republic of Indonesia (BAPPENAS).

CIFOR works with PME-AC:
1. To develop a roadmap that will integrate and accelerate the work of PME-AC to identify the opportunities and the resources needed, and implement a capacity assessment (for baseline information). Agencies involved include the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Peatland Restoration Agency and National Working Group for Mangroves.
2. Together with other stakeholders, to assess and analyze the existing regulatory framework as starting points to draw recommendations on implementation to be included in a white paper or policy brief. Recommendations will be sought from a wide range of stakeholders at both national and subnational levels.
3. To fully implement the Indonesian National Carbon Accounting System for mitigation actions, including monitoring, reporting and verification through, among others, a REDD+ mechanism.
4. To incorporate PME-based adaptation and mitigation in the Nationally Determined Contributions.


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