2019 CGIAR Collaborative Platform for Gender Research

Project leader Iliana Monterroso
Email I.Monterroso@cgiar.org
Location Indonesia
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2019-01-01
Project end 2019-12-31

The objective of this study is to investigate whether and to what extent does ‘feminization of agriculture’ hypothesis hold in Indonesia through a combination of quantitative, qualitative and spatial research methods. The strength of this proposed research lies in the utilization of longitudinal dataset (IFLS) coupled with CIFOR’s existing datasets to address the problem of data limitation in investigating the hypothesis. This is a new research project; however, CIFOR and CRP FTA have a number of research projects that complements the call. CIFOR has a research program on migration and forests, which considers the gender dynamics of migration on land use change in agriculture and forestry. CIFOR has ongoing and/or recently completed research projects in the three landscapes where we are proposing to conduct more in-depth research – South Kalimantan, Central Java and Lampung. This means that existing data and partnerships can be leveraged to carry out the proposed analyses. The proposed research will also contribute to FTA’s plans to invest in sentinel or place-based research; and allow CIFOR to respond to successive requests by government officials and development partners to provide ‘gender and social inclusion’ landscape level profiles in Indonesia.


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