Realisation d'une etude de caracterisation des differents types d'offres et de demandes en bois et produits derives dans Jes marches publics en Cote d'Ivoire

Project leader Paolo Cerutti
Location CÔte D'ivoire
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2018-11-06
Project end 2019-06-30

In the Ivory Coast, recent studies on trade in timber which supply the national and sub-regional market have shown that this market is dominated by essentially informal artisanal production which represents 15 to 30 times more than production placed on the domestic market by operators in the industrial sector. At the same time, the resumption of economic activity suggests that national demand for sawnwood is expected to grow rapidly. In the infrastructure sector, the PND plans to invest in sectors requiring the use of wood as a raw material such as housing. By virtue of its role as contracting authority and the importance of infrastructure projects, the State is likely to play a driving role in accelerating a national demand for already sawn timber. 

This project aims to inform the governement of Cote d'Ivoire on options for green public procurement on timber sourcing, in the FLEGT framework trying to promote the formalisation of SME and individual enterprises. The methodology used is one-to-one interviews with key informants in private sector and government bodies.


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