Sustainable Wetlands Adaptation and Mitigation Program (SWAMP) 2019

Project leader Daniel Murdiyarso
Location Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya, Indonesia, Vietnam, Peru, Costa Rica, Botswana
Project status ON-GOING
Project start 2018-10-01
Project end 2019-10-10

SWAMP program co-implementers the US Forest Service and CIFOR are contributing to USAID's Global Climate Change Sustainable Landscapes program goals by addressing data gaps in carbon and greenhouse gas (dynamics in tropical wetlands). This builds capacity globally for wetland management and monitoring. It also facilitates the development of tools that support sustainable wetland management and help countries incorporate their wetlands into national and international climate change plans.

SWAMP work to date has had a strong emphasis on increasing scientific knowledge of tropical wetlands. The program works closely with in-country scientists, students, and government staff. This has filled critical information gaps on tropical wetlands, increasing global, regional, and country-level awareness of their significance and building skills in monitoring of tropical wetlands. In FY19, SWAMP built upon its significant scientific achievements with an increased emphasis on applications that improve wetland management, restoration, policies, and international reporting. These applications aim to meet country-specific needs and could be taken up by governments and project implementers to create measurable change on the ground in how wetlands are managed.


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