Global Responsible Land Programme - Madagascar

Project leader Steven Lawry
Location Madagascar
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2018-08-01
Project end 2019-03-31

Tenure rights matter for implementing FLR because they affect who can use land and resources, as well as the ways in which they can be used and for how long. These, in turn, affect whether and how much landholders or recourse users are willing to invest in forest restoration practices. Tenure security is also a critical factor influencing FLR initiatives and practices, with landholders or resources users being more likely to make investments that will yield benefits in the long term if they have confidence that they or their household members will have access to those benefits.

The objectives of the project is to develop the necessary knowledge about the relationship between tenure, governance and FLR practices in Madagascar at local and regional scale. The project will focus on developing a set of tools that can be used for conducting regional and local-level tenure assessments for FLR projects and programs. It will also collect baseline data that can be used as a foundation for long-term monitoring and evaluation of the relationship between tenure, FLR investment decisions, and environmental and social outcomes. In the Boeny Region.

The activities will be taken during the project duration are : 1) tenure security and governance diagnostic; 2) action research with stakeholders and 3) national dialogue forum.


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