Global Programme Responsible Land Policy - Peru

Project leader Peter Cronkleton
Location Peru
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2018-09-15
Project end 2019-05-14

While titling programs in the Peruvian Amazon have made much progress in addressing the demands of indigenous people for territorial rights and recognition, insufficient information about the outcomes from these programs on people and forests has created challenges for policy makers to adapt and promote such programs.  New research results from communities titled in recent decades in Madre de Dios and Loreto suggest that recognition of territorial rights may sometimes fall short in terms of perceived strength of tenure security, increases in benefits to local people or improvements in forest management practices.  There also can be substantial differences between regions and indigenous peoples, or subgroups such as men and women, old and young people, or different socio-economic levels. Research conducted by CIFOR has gathered similar information on recent titling processes in the Ucayali and San Martin regions, with the goal of further improving related procedures, policies and outcomes.  Building on that previous research, this phase 2 expands the analysis and synthesis of the information gathered and focus on dissemination of findings and facilitate knowledge sharing as well as dialogue with the intention of improving titling processes.


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