International Forest Policy (IWP) - Fostering Forest Tenure Security and Community Forest Governance for FLR in Ethiopia

Project leader Steven Lawry
Location Ethiopia
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2018-07-21
Project end 2018-12-31

The Bonn Challenge in 2011 set an ambitious global target of restoring 150 million ha of degraded lands by 2020 (Pistorius et al, 2017) and Ethiopia is a participant and has committed to restoring 22 million ha of degraded forest land. Importantly, Ethiopia has recently adopted forest rights reforms that devolve a considerable array of forest use and management rights to local communities.

The project primary aim is to identify actions required by national, regional and local governments; community organizations and civic organizations and forest users and rural households necessary to achieve the full exercise by communities, families, businesses, associations and especially youth, women and traditionally marginalized members of society of the forest use and management rights granted to them under the 2018 Forest Proclamation and give an overview over the current land security situation in Gambelia and Southern Nation Region.

There are four sets of research and outreach activities are planned: 1) A rapid tenure and governance diagnostic; 2) Applying a rights actualization framework; 3) Local, regional and national workshops; 4) Publication and dissemination of findings.


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