Disaster Preparedness Specific Discipline Integrated Programme in Riau, Indonesia.

Project leader Herry Purnomo
Email h.purnomo@cgiar.org
Location Indonesia
Project status ON-GOING
Project start 2018-08-15
Project end 2020-03-31

Fire is a major environmental, economic and humanitarian problem in Indonesia. Unfortunately, the use of fire by communities still occurs, regardless of the government’s "zero burn" programs and campaigns at national and subnational levels. Fire is used not because of a lack of understanding of the danger of fire and haze to people and the environment, but  because it is the cheapest way to prepare lands for cultivation. A main challenge is, therefore, to introduce fire-free alternatives to prepare land for agriculture, while acknowledging that local communities lack the resources, knowledge and technology of these potential alternatives for farming without burning. This program addresses that challenge.

In this program, we aim to achieve the long-term goal of changing the behavior of communities by encouraging them not to use fire in farming. Stakeholders will conform to the forest and peat restoration agenda without losing agriculture production and income.


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