Landscape Forestry in the Tropics (LaForeT): Towards policy approaches for improving livelihoods, sustainable forest management and conservation

Project leader Davison Gumbo
Location Zambia, Ecuador, Philippines
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2017-09-12
Project end 2019-10-15

The main objective of the project is to examine the impact of policy instruments on deforestation and reforestation processes as well as land-use dynamics and sustainability in a landscape context. In order to understand how these instruments have been functioning and/or have the potential to function, the following components are assessed at various spatial and temporal scales: deforestation and reforestation patterns, governance, drivers of land use changes (livelihoods), and sustainable forestry and agroforestry use. The project, moreover, is conducted in three countries of three continents (Africa, Asia, South America) and aims at an overarching understanding of the dynamics of tropical forest landscapes.


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