Enhancing climate-resilient livelihoods in boreal and tropical high carbon forests and peatlands

Project leader Daisuke Naito
Email d.naito@cgiar.org
Location Indonesia, Russian Federation
Project status ON-GOING
Project start 2017-10-01
Project end 2021-01-30

This project aims to understand the impacts of deforestation, climate events and forest fires in boreal and tropical forests and peatland ecosystems. It provides scientific evidence to explore appropriate climate change-resilient livelihood options in the region through collaboration with stakeholders.

Activities include:

1. Investigating patterns of land-use change due to land-based development and the impact of forest fires in boreal and tropical forests and peatlands.
2. Collecting social and ecological baseline data at research sites and assessing the impacts on fire and haze events on local livelihoods.
3. Assessing the feasibility of incentives such as REDD+, payments for ecosystem services and forest certification at local and national levels to support climate-resilient livelihood options.
4. Investigating policies and legal frameworks and their enforcement patterns in dealing with major drivers of large-scale land-based development, and assessing the feasibility of low-emission development livelihood pathways in the project areas.

The project outputs are intended for use by in-country partners, policy stakeholders and local communities in each research location


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