EU financing of REDD readiness activities and results-based payments pre and post 2020: sources, cost-effectiveness and fair allocation of incentives

Project leader Christopher Martius
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2017-01-01
Project end 2017-12-31

The general objective of this project is to contribute to explore, inform, enable and support the implementation of REDD+ results-based payments to encourage and reward developing countries that manage to sustainably reduce forest emissions, in line with the objectives of the Paris Agreement, and relevant EU goals. The SDGs, the Paris Agreement objectives and a selection of EU goals will be used to give guidance to the policy recommendations developed as part of WP2 and will be integral for the development of safeguards in WP3. The SDGs, PA objectives and EU goals (henceforth the 'project goals') should be considered as relevant guidance for all parts of this study, in the form of policy success criteria. 

The specific objectives are to develop: 
1 WP1: A REDD+ Overview 2030 on potentially available internationally supported emission reductions (ISERs), understood as the results of REDD+ activities that can be transferred to developed parties such as the EU and its Member States. 
2 WP2: A REDD+ Results Framework 2050, bringing together several elements of potential (EU-sponsored, be they new, existing or adapted) instruments, which would function synergistically to produce the largest and most sustainable mitigation outcomes possible in the forest landscapes of more PRG, within a 2050 time horizon, consistent with public finance standards. 
3 WP3: A REDD+ contract template, consistent with relevant EU rules and addressing current bottlenecks to the implementation of REDD+ at scale. 

Note: In the course of this project, WP 2 has been eliminated by intervention of DG CLIMA and parts of it have been inserted into WP3. 


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