2017 IFPRI Project: Agricultural investment options for improved income, food security and environment

Project leader Pablo Pacheco
Email p.pacheco@cgiar.org
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2017-01-01
Project end 2017-12-31

In this project, CIFOR is analyzing the potential impacts of different research investments in terms of food security, nutrition, and economic and environmental impact.

We are exploring how different investments are heterogeneous in terms of their impact on the global food system, with a specific emphasis on how each set of potential investments is accompanied by different trade-off scenarios.

These trade-offs are being examined in relation to the global environment, factors such as technology adoption, food demand, use of water resources, and climate change.

This project will result in an integrated, global overview of a range of agriculture investment scenarios, cross-walking different potential CGIAR investment trajectories with respect to indicators for progress toward system-level outcomes and intermediate development outcomes.

Further analysis will explore these scenarios in relation to the relevant Sustainable Development Goals.


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