Renforcement et Institutionnalisation de l’Observatoire des Forêts d’Afrique Centrale (RIOFAC)

Project status ON-GOING
Project start 2017-07-07
Project end 2022-04-06

This project aims to contribute to a green economy that enables endogenous, sustainable and inclusive economic development, while addressing climate change and the preservation of biodiversity in all Central Africa Forests Commission (COMIFAC) countries. Specifically, this project supports the Central African Forests Observatory (OFAC). OFAC provides the sub-region and its partners with essential tools for steering and sharing knowledge for better governance and sustainable management of forest ecosystems. OFAC is at the heart of information channels for better informed decision making. It connects producers and users of data. These include COMIFAC and its specialized agencies, the ministries in charge of forests and the environment, private operators and consulting firms, protected area managers, non-governmental organizations, international projects, and research and training centers involved in sustainable management and conservation of natural resources.

The objective of OFAC is to provide up-to-date and relevant information on forests and ecosystems to be used by governments and other actors in decision-making processes related to the green economy, and sustainable and inclusive economic development. It is expected that: processes for the identification, collection and analysis of data by OFAC and its partners will be improved; user needs will be identified and anticipated through publications and well-targeted information systems; OFAC will become a visible entity, institutionalized within COMIFAC.


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