Decreasing threats to protected wildlife populations in Central Africa by reducing demand for bushmeat in large urban areas

Project leader Robert Nasi
Location Congo (democratic Republic), Congo (brazzaville)
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2017-03-01
Project end 2019-09-30

The KiBra Urban Bushmeat Project aims to reduce demand for bushmeat in large urban areas in Central Africa by understanding how the interplay of urban residents’ feelings, actions, and relationships, as well as socio-cultural norms, values, and economics, shape their decisions and behaviors. It will apply the lessons learned from the Pointe-Noire campaign, bringing together a broad coalition of key stakeholders, an advisory board of experts from various fields, including social anthropology, media, nutrition, and criminology, and researchers and practitioners from diverse backgrounds working on bushmeat regulation around the globe. More broadly, it will work to develop and disseminate methods, tools and approaches that can be rolled out to other large cities and other countries in the region in future years, reducing the demand for urban bushmeat and preserving key species and the rich biodiversity of Central Africa.


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