2017 - 2019 IFPRI Project (5.1) : Enhancing Tenure Security

Project leader Anne Larson
Email a.larson@cgiar.org
Location Peru, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2017-01-01
Project end 2019-12-31

In this project, CIFOR is assessing the significance of factors such as tenure security, including substantive use and access rights to land and trees; benefit-sharing arrangements, including the distribution of benefits to women and marginalized groups; public regulation; forest user group governance, including the participation of women and marginalized groups; and social stratification and cohesion to the success of forest-based enterprises in generating livelihood opportunities and attracting internal and external investment.

Moreover, we are evaluating investor perceptions of, barriers to, and opportunities for investing in forest-based initiatives and enterprises where forest rights are vested in smallholder and community user and management groups.


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