Kenya’s Forest Conservation and Management Act, 2016: Revising Regulations to Strengthen Community Participation in Forest Decision-making and Benefits

Project leader Esther Mwangi
Location Kenya
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2017-02-01
Project end 2017-12-31

This project is supporting a specific regulation within Kenya’s Forest Conservation and Management Act (FCMA) of 2016.

Communities can only achieve certain benefits when rules and regulations are developed and put into practice by implementers. Some of the FCMA’s current gaps, particularly regarding community participation and benefit-sharing, can be resolved through the implementation of regulations, which have been developed jointly by local communities, civil society, private companies and government officials.

This project focuses on Section 71 of the FCMA - ‘Prescribing Measures that Enhance Community Participation in Conservation and Forest Management’ - and CIFOR is examining how this regulation can be better implemented to ensure positive outcomes for communities and the environment.


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