ASEAN-Swiss Partnership on Social Forestry & Climate Change (ASFCC) Phase 3

Project leader Amy Ickowitz
Location Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2017-03-01
Project end 2020-02-29

A common finding across our research suggest that unless the political-economy of forest governance and information access constraints are addressed, and diverse resource management systems are appreciated for their diversity and dynamism, social forestry policies and REDD+ projects can only achieve sub-par outcomes.  

The ASEAN-Swiss partnership on social forestry and climate change (ASFCC) involving CIFOR, NTFP-EP, RECOFTC, ICRAF and SEARCA, the ASEAN Working Group on Social Forestry (AWG-SF), and the Swiss Agency for  Development and Cooperation (SDC), offers a strategic opportunity to advance research, technical knowledge, capacity building associated with sustainable social forestry to support informed decision-making. 

In this project, phase 3 in a series, CIFOR expands research on livelihood risk and coping, adaptive governance and adaptive capacity in response to climate change and other emerging drivers impacting on ASEAN landscape, leveraging on the longitudinal data collected from field sites and at national level in Indonesia, Vietnam and Lao PDR over Phase I and Phase II. These analyses generate evidence for design of policies and incentives on social forestry, climate change and development at the national and sub-national levels that can support livelihood and forest resilience. CIFOR carries out policy analyses at the national-level to understand the different enabling factors and constraints to effective and equitable policy design and implementation, and generate insight for assessing policy performance and outcomes for social forestry and climate change mitigation and adaptation. 


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