Establishment of a prototype of a regional forest observatory (database and website, report on the State of Forests and REDD+ activities) in East Africa, including the countries of Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda

Project leader Esther Mwangi
Location Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2016-11-22
Project end 2018-04-27

The project will focus on assessing current forest monitoring systems and related initiatives in four countries (Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique and Tanzania) to characterize their stuctures, processes and practices, identify constraints to their implementation, and esthablish opportunities for their improvement. Importanly, the project will design, develop and test a database and a web-based platform for in-country abd cross-county data management, storage and sharing. this will form past of a process of identifyinh and demonstrating key operational deatures of a region-wide forest data collection, management and sharing system. it will incluse mechanisms of data exchange, harmonization abd reinforcement of capacities for different monitoring systems abd for the overall observatory, as well as raise awareness of main target institutions and key audiences. the project will produce a report that will serve as an example of future reporting on the status of foresrty in the region.


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