A Global Comparative Study for achieving effective, efficient and equitable REDD+ results

Project status ON-GOING
Project start 2016-01-01
Project end 2020-12-31

This project aims to ensure that REDD+ policy-makers and practitioner communities have access to and use the information, analysis and tools needed to design and implement REDD+; create enabling conditions; and assess to what degree REDD+ has delivered effective, cost-efficient and equitable carbon and non-carbon benefits. The project combines research, in-country capacity building for research, technical assistance and technology transfer, and policy engagement at sub-national, national, and international levels. The project is structured into four research modules (on policies and governance; the assessment of REDD+ projects on the ground; understanding MRV issues; and addressing landscape level challenges and private sector contributions to REDD+) and one knowledge-sharing module - designed to deliver salient, credible and legitimate knowledge products that address important gaps in REDD+ policy design and implementation. Through co-production of knowledge, partners will develop their technical capacity to address policy and implementation challenges and assist in dissemination, multiplication and uptake of research results. The project builds on the experience of the CIFOR-led “Global Comparative Study on REDD+” which has demonstrated the catalytic potential of combining research, capacity building, and partner engagement to bridge the science-policy divide.


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