From Growing Food to Growing Cash: Understanding the Drivers of Food Choice in the Context of Rapid Agrarian Change in Indonesia

Project leader Amy Ickowitz
Location Indonesia
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2016-09-01
Project end 2019-03-15

Indonesia has been undergoing rapid changes on many fronts in the last two decades – accelerated economic development, dramatic land use change, and dietary changes resulting in new health and nutrition burdens. A key driver of these changes in rural areas is a transition away from traditional agriculture to oil palm production. The rapid expansion of oil palm has drawn attention from conservationists for its environmental impacts, but it is also changing local food systems and food environments. In the face of rapid change and potential loss of positive dietary traditions, it is essential to understand how changes from traditional to commercial agriculture are affecting the food choices of farmers in rural Indonesia.

The aim of this project is to provide the research community, local communities, policy makers, and international donors with evidence that can be used to help create a food environment that is more conducive to healthier food choices in rural Indonesia. The project will be carried out in two sites in Indonesia that are undergoing this process of transformation. We will collect both qualitative and quantitative data which when analyzed will be used to make recommendations to inform more nutrition-sensitive decisions at national, local, industry, and household levels


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