Activity 3 - Has Devolution of Forest Rights in Nepal Led to Investment in Locally Controlled Forest Enterprises?

Project leader Steven Lawry
Location Nepal
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2016-01-01
Project end 2016-12-31

In this project, CIFOR is analyzing Nepal’s forest user association investment and livelihoods initiatives.

About 18,000 community forest user associations have been established in Nepal since 1990. Nepal is considered a model of forest rights devolution to local communities, and there is growing anecdotal evidence that rights devolution has enabled many forest associations to generate new forms of investment in local forest-based enterprises, contributing to local income and employment generation.

Further research being conducted by CIFOR, and based on a sample of user groups, is seeking to describe the variety of investment models used and the contextual factors that explain greater and lesser success in establishing and sustaining forest-based enterprises.


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