Greening Livestock: Incentive-based Interventions for Reducing the Climate Impact of Livestock in East Africa

Project leader Christopher Martius
Location Kenya, Tanzania
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2016-05-01
Project end 2019-09-30

This project supports the Governments of Kenya and Tanzania to integrate climate smart agriculture (CSA) planning for livestock production in smallholder systems. It does so by providing the evidence base they need for informed policy making. The Kenyan Government is actively developing plans for low emissions development (LED) in the livestock sector. The Tanzanian Government is also well-positioned to develop their plans related to this sector. However, there are currently a number of constraints in Kenya and Tanzania that prevent smallholder livestock producers from adopting different CSA practices and in turn, receiving compensation for using more sustainable practices.

This project aims to simultaneously tackle the lack of quantitative data on establishing mitigation targets associated with productivity gains. It also aims to monitor progress and address the lack of information available on implementation mechanisms. The results of this work will lead to a stronger integration of all components of the project so that the data directly informs the design and implementation of CSA interventions.

As part of this project, CIFOR is assessing the opportunities to achieve gains in livestock productivity, while managing undesirable trade-offs and opportunities for reducing emissions. We are also assessing the required incentives that engender behavioral changes in smallholder farmers that encourage the adoption of CSA practices associated with better feeding, manure management and land-use decisions.


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